The 12 Fact Checks of Xmas

$RC9EWAGThis post provides an overview of the Fact Check of the Energy Bill – a project that crowdfunded over £15,000 in just 2 weeks back in August.

Full Fact have been getting their teeth into the claims around energy policy, and have now published 12 fact checks.  They’re all listed below…..

Some have caused disputes, yawns (sometimes there’s no way to jazz up energy policy) and sometimes been inconclusive. But all are based on independent facts, free from political interference, which is what we all want.

My take on the fact checks are listed under each topic as I digest them (blame the silly season for being slightly behind on the last few).  I’d really like to hear your take, so get in touch.

There are plenty within industry who are keeping Full Fact on their toes and questioning some of their assertions, particularly on their nuclear costs fact check – keep it coming!  There’s some good debate happening in the facebook comments too.

What the project really needs now is more publicity of the fact checks – it’s how we can hope for change as the legislation is going through Parliament.   So….

  • Share on facebook and twitter  (follow Full Fact on facebook, and @EnergyBillFacts)
  • Forward to your MP or other political connections
  • Share with your local newspaper or journalists

12. Would early closure of the Renewables Obligation to onshore wind cost £100 million?
11.  What effect on the public purse would closing the Renewables Obligation early have?
10. How much will closing the Renewables Obligation early save on your bills?
9.   The proposed Renewables Obligation cut off: how much onshore wind capacity loses out?
8.  Jobs lost in onshore wind
7.  The UK’s renewable energy  target
6.  Are we missing our targets on renewable energy?
5.  What do Brits think about wind farms?
4.  The Energy Bill and the Salisbury Convention
3.  Is new nuclear energy cheaper and more reliable than newwind power?
2.  The Conservative Manifesto’s onshore wind pledge
1.  How many jobs in the UK oil and gas industry?

More fact checks are planned as the Bill enters the House of Commons.  If you hear or read something about the changes to onshore wind energy policy that could do with a fact check – contact me!!


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