Fact Check 8: Jobs lost in onshore wind


Read Full Fact report: How many jobs could be lost in onshore wind?

As someone who has lost their job as a result of the Government unpicking any support for renewables, I was itching to read this.  I came away feeling a tad underwhelmed to be honest.  Of course Full Fact rely on facts, and in reality, there’s no data to show any impacts so it can’t be anything other than inconclusive.

I’ve worked in the onshore wind industry for nearly 10 years, and know that the vast majority of the 11,000 employed within who still have jobs are not likely to have a job for much longer.  The other 8,000 jobs supporting the onshore wind supply chain are naturally going to fall away as well.

For me, the real disappointment is that this attack on onshore wind and small scale renewables decimates the smaller independent companies who develop and operate worthwhile projects the big guys aren’t interested in.  Not just developers like Airvolution, but manufacturers like Mabey Bridge in Chepstow who employed 120 people making turbine towers, that closed in September (they’re concentrating on bridges now).

Even if there was data to show it, would the 19,000 jobs in onshore wind receive a fraction of the attention those 1,700 jobs got from the Redcar steel plant closure?


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