FACT CHECK 5: What do Brits think about wind farms?

View Full Fact report: What do Brits think about wind farms?

So Full Fact have found that Onshore Wind isn’t the most popular renewable technology, as stated by Caroline Flint MP.

I have to admit I’m disappointed that in their report, Full Fact don’t mention attitudes towards non-renewable technology.  Admittedly, it wasn’t part of the fact being investigated, but I think it provides important context.  So allow me to briefly do so….

Not many people know that since 2012 DECC have done a quarterly survey to find out what people think about electricity generation – asking around 2,000 different people the same questions each quarter.  I think it’s a very revealing sample of what the UK really think.

You can check out all the data on this DECC page, but what is most interesting to me is that over three years, support for Onshore Wind has consistently been between 64-70%.  Compare this to nuclear which has ranged between 33-42%.

A question on attitudes towards shale gas was introduced in February 2014, and so far has shown support within the range of 21-29%.

The latest DECC survey released on 4 August, mysteriously removed the questions on renewable energy.  We can see why they did that now, but how uncomfortable for the Government to justify culling the forms of electricity generation that its own data showed was the most popular?  And since Full Fact have also shown that onshore wind is cheaper than nuclear….

If any political party or politician had a consistent approval rating of over 65% for three years wouldn’t they be delighted?!


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