FACT CHECK 4: The Energy Bill and the Salisbury Convention

View Full Fact report: The Energy Bill and the Salisbury Convention

Every day is a school day – I didn’t know about the Salisbury convention, which basically says the House of Lords shouldn’t block something that was in a Government’s manifesto.

The penny drops…. This is why our Conservative MP’s keep insisting the Energy Bill shouldn’t have been a surprise to industry, because it was in their manifesto!  Ahhh….

Just something else to fight over in the big chambers when all we need is decent energy policy based on fact…

To find out more about the Salisbury Convention, this BBC clip explains it.


One comment

  1. There is a further difficulty here in that the Lords are potentially opposing the early
    implementation of the policy. Thus use of the Parliament Act would not achieve the
    government’s purpose as that Act’s delaying effect would match what the Lords
    want anyway. When the issue is TIMING within a one or two-year timescale it does
    seem that the Conventions need a new protocol.

    A similar issue would have been the “cull” of the electoral register due on 1st December
    where the change in timing is a critical issue – but let the ROC/CfD issue take the flak.


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