Progress Update: Full Fact in Full Swing

I have transferred all the pledge money to Full Fact and work is well and truly underway.

I received all pledge money on 23 September, but before I could transfer that to Full Fact and hand over control of the project, there were a few conversations I had to complete with Full Fact’s Director…. mainly around how they would manage the budget and their research process.  I was pleased to hear they have identified a small pool of experts who can be called on to look at different issues surrounding energy policy, rather than just relying on one person.  We also discussed the risk of spending lots of time on one or two big issues which could chew through all the funding and potentially not have as much impact.  This is their “thing”- they know what they’re doing and very patiently talked me through it. Full Fact are well respected for their work in other areas and are used to managing tight budgets, I trust them to do the same for energy policy. I admit it’s been a bit difficult to hand over all funds and control to them but that’s the only way they can ensure complete impartiality, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because Full Fact received the pledge money on 29 September, my intended Stages I and II have now merged into one, but that shouldn’t negatively impact on the project.

I would like to be clear on the process from this point.  Full Fact are now monitoring statements made by politicians, members of the House of Lords and the media (or anyone else who gets airtime) surrounding onshore wind and UK energy policy, and selecting claims to fact check.  It won’t be possible to fact check everything, they need to balance managing a tight budget whilst achieving the project aims.

My involvement will be from the sidelines – helping collect transcripts, suggesting what could be checked and basically anything useful that might save them time (and therefore budget).  I’ll have absolutely no say on what they select to research, or have any reviewing rights.  They will keep me updated with progress, which I will update on this blog.

As you would expect, I’m busy with my own job search, so I welcome any suggestions for fact checks you have heard or read (from either side of the debate).  Please drop me a line and I will pass on to Full Fact, or feel free to contact the Full Fact team directly on


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