We have a Fact Check!

crowdfunder successHi and thanks to everyone who pledged large and small to get us to the target of £15,000. I’m really pleased that enough people agreed that this needs to happen!

I want to assure you that all money received through crowdfunder will go to Full Fact, the independent, non-partisan fact checking organisation to check claims made by politicians and the media as the Energy Bill progresses through Parliament.  I will be regularly meeting with Full Fact to ensure the money is being spent wisely, but just to be clear, I won’t be playing a part in their reporting, as they operate totally independently.

I’ll report back on this blog regularly, and soon I’ll be posting up some big thanks to all pledgers and getting prizes out to the lucky winners.

Please bookmark this site, and come back often. You can follow Full Fact on facebook and on twitter @FullFact and I’ll be keeping @EnergyBillFacts up to date too.



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