About this blog

The Government are making it increasingly impossible for onshore wind to thrive through the introduction of the Energy Bill and changes to planning legislation.  Some say its an ideological opposition to renewables, others say its based on protecting consumer bills.   So when there seemed to be no-one challenging their reasoning, I appealed via Crowdfunder for people to pitch in to pay fact checking charity Full Fact to tell us the truth.

I’m pleased to say £15,000 was raised in a jiffy, and Full Fact are now keeping an eye on what politicans, media and others in the limelight are saying.  They will provide an impartial point of view as to whether it’s truth or fiction (or somewhere in between).  My hope is that it will help shape the Energy Bill before it is finalised in early 2016.

I’ve got nothing to do with the work of Full Fact now (I’m biased because I’ve worked in the onshore wind sector for a long time).  This blog will just track progress on the fact checking, and report to all those who backed the project that money is being well spent.

Everyone has an important role to play – please share Full Fact’s reports with other people – your friends and family, and your local MP who can influence the Energy Bill as it goes through Parliament – if they have the right facts.  Please contact me if you’ve seen something you think Full Fact should look at, or just with your comments.


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